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"Classic" Skewer Set in a Box

"Classic" Skewer Set in a Box

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This set features a collection of classic skewers presented in a natural wooden box measuring 870x200x135 mm with a distressed finish.
6 skewers with ash wood handles. The handles are stained and finished with yacht varnish.

Total length of each skewer: 74 cm
Working length: 50 cm
Width: 12 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Artistic bronze animal casting with blackening
Stainless steel fixation ring

Double skewer for poultry and vegetables:
Working length: 50 cm
Blade width: 10 mm
Distance between prongs: 4 cm

Meat removal fork

Total set weight: 6000 g

All skewers have a "frost" polish, which conceals chips and scratches that may occur during use, maintaining their appearance.

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