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"Marfa" Skewer Set in Box

"Marfa" Skewer Set in Box

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This set includes a collection of kitchen tools presented in a natural wooden box with a distressed finish, measuring 870x200x135 mm.

6 skewers with wooden handles (oak).
Total length: 74 cm, Working length: 50 cm,
Width: 12 mm, Thickness: 3 mm
Artistic bronze casting on handle ends with blackening
Stainless steel ring

Axe made of hardened 65G steel
Overall length: 40 cm (from the heel to the end of the handle)
Blade length: 28 cm, Blade width (blade edge to poll): 14 cm
Blade length (tip to heel): 12 cm, Steel hardness: 58 HRC
Oak handle with "stone washed" effect
Leather sheath

Knife made of stainless steel marked as 50X14MF
Handle: oak with "stone washed" effect
Hardness: 58 HRC, Blade length: 100 mm
Handle length: 120 mm, Overall length: 220 mm
Blade width: 40 mm, Steel thickness: 2.4 mm
Total weight: 125 g
Leather sheath

3 stainless steel plates
6 stainless steel cups
Leather fastenings for items
Quality hardware
Entire set weight: 9000 g
All skewers have a "frost" polish, which helps conceal any chips or scratches that may occur during use.

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